Hello to all my friends. In order to fulfill your needs of reading English texts and learning words or structures and many other things, our friends have established an School English which is going to be expanded and covering many fields of learning English; such as, stories, reading newspaper, grammar, idioms and proverbs, vocabulary, writing letters and in near future discussions on literature and linguistics any useful section for you.


As the School English is supposed to teach, and its purpose is teaching, we have decided to make a place for you to have fun with English and learn something as well. In this weblog you will find anything you need.


In order to give you useful materials, we need your help and comments about our programs. Please tell us what you need and what make you satisfied with English. We hope this page help both of us improve our English.


We are looking forward to reading your help and suggestions in our mailbox.


All of us need to learn daily words and structures in order to read, write, listen to, and understand a foreign language. We will be waiting to see you and your succor.

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