"Freedom2 is not a human3 right4, but it is his mission5 toward truth and justice6. However; this idea implies7 the negligence8, which means that freedom has essentially9 no resistance10 and battle11 with truth, justice and commitment12 and in the case of manifestation13 of the true essence14 of freedom, all the quarrels15 and negotiations16 would be settled17 down. These negotiations are because of negligence about the true essence of freedom which is “Horriyat”."

[Haj Sayyed Morteza Avini]



April 8, 1993 (Farvardin 20, 1372) is the day of Haj Sayyed Morteza Avini’s martyrdom18.He was a skillful19 author20, the narrator21 of Rvayat-e Fath (a TV program), the chief22 editor23 of Sura Magazine24 (an artistic25 and literary26 magazine) and the head of TV department27 of the artistic center.Having traveled to one of the war28 zones29 of Iran for making a new series of Ravayat-e Fath, with a group of cameramen30, he became martyr31 due to the mines32, existed33 in the region34. After his martyrdom, our Supreme leader35, “Hazrat-e Ayatollah Khamenei” commemorate36 his memory as “The Lord37 of Martyr Authors”.


The martyrdom anniversary38 of an Islamic revolution’s artist who spent his life in the battlefields39 and who was the narrator of the Islamic combatants40’ efforts, was called “The Day of The Islamic Revolution’s Art”.


Inshallah we will be his true followers


 با سلام خدمت همه دوستان عزیز

سالگرد شهادت سید شهیدان اهل قلم حاج سید مرتضی آوینی را به همه شما تبریک و تسلیت میگم

در اینجا ابتدا سخنی کوتاه ازین شهید و سپس در مورد شهادت این بزرگوار توضیحی کوتاه داده شده که میتوانید معنی لغات شماره گذاری شده را در اینجا ببینید.

انشاءالله که از پیروان واقعی آن شهید باشیم


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